Our Services

At San Jose Transport, we know when the clock’s ticking, even a few unproductive minutes can mean the difference between success and failure, profit and loss. With this in mind we take great pride in our operating principals.

We offer four key services for the construction industry:

  • Transportation of construction materials
    • End Dumps
    • Water Trucks
    • 10 Wheelers
    • Expandable Flatbeds
    • Transfers
    • Bottom Dumps
    • Flatbeds w/Forklift
  • Disposal Sites throughout the Bay Area
  • Ability to track the supply and demand of dirt throughout the Bay Area
  • Supply & delivery of rock, sand, gravel, top soil & special soil mixes

Transportation Services

We specialize in the transportation of dirt, rock, sand, gravel and any other construction materials to Bay Area contractors, homeowners, municipalities developers, building material suppliers- from Napa Valley to south of the Monterey Peninsula on a daily basis and will travel anywhere else in the state of California as needed for our clients. We are on time, every time.

We meet the needs of all our clients and have earned a solid reputation for delivering value-added services, such as on-site job supervision and constant client needs evaluation. We’re always looking out for your needs.

We also provide full-service dirt removal. This means that we will show up at your job site to load, transport and dispose of your materials. We provide all the equipment (dosers, loaders and excavators) and staff needed so that you don’t have to worry about any of the logistics.

Our knowledgeable staff includes dispatchers, estimators and site supervisors with combined 38 years experience. We pride ourselves in employing punctual, professional drivers committed to excellence in service and attitude.

Additional Services

San Jose Transport offers a variety of additional services to our clients including:

  • Disposal sites throughout the Bay Area
  • Supply and delivery of block and brick
  • Supply of rock, sand, gravel and topsoil
  • Supply bark and soil amendments
  • Retaining wall systems (Keystone & Allan Block)
  • Ability to screen soil on site with our Powerscreen
  • Blend special soil mix or baseball infield mix
  • Stabalized walkway/pathway fines
  • Manage Dirt Dump sites
  • Ability to load, transport & dispose of your excess dirt

Disposal Sites

Thanks to our access to numerous legal and permitted disposal sites throughout the Bay Area, including the disposal sites that are operated by our company, we are able to offer convenient services at a lower cost.

Have Dirt? Need Dirt?

With twenty years experience transporting dirt and other construction materials, we have carved a niche in the dirt business. We have the unique ability to track the supply and demand of dirt throughout the Bay Area, so that we can dispose of your dirt at a cheaper cost or supply you with dirt if you have the need.

If you are a developer or property owner getting ready to develop your property let San Jose Transport save you some money. We can provide you with dirt or disposal sites at no cost or very little cost to you. We have saved property owners, developers, contractors and public agencies thousands of dollars throughout the years.


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