Over the years, we’ve helped people in the construction industry get the job done right. We offer on-time delivery, a modern fleet of equipment, and professional, knowledgeable staff.

Dump Truck Equipment

* End Dumps
* Transfer Trucks
* 10-wheelers

Delivering of all types of quarry products including dirt, rock, sand, asphalt, landscaping materials. Offhaul of excess dirt, broken concrete and asphalt.


Flat Bed Equipment

* Semi flats up to 48’

* Semi Flatbeds w/ piggy back forklift

Transportation of all types of flatbed freight including K-rail, steel, lumber and other building materials.

Expandable Flatbeds

Semiflats up to 60' capable of hauling special extra long loads uo to 80' such as pre cast concrete pilons, rail track or any other building materials.

Water Truck Equipment

* 2,100 gallon trucks with front, rear & side sprays.

Transportation of water to job sites or simple dust control needs.

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